Top Reasons to Consider Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition involves tearing down commercial properties, such as offices, hotels, shopping centres, factories, or retail outlets, and removing the unwanted structures. This blog explores some reasons you may want to consider seeking commercial demolition services.

1) The building is a hazard

If your building appears to be in bad condition and is no longer safe, then this is a telltale sign that it is time to reach out for commercial demolition services. If you own a commercial building which is becoming a hazard, it might be time to think about hiring commercial demolition services. A professional demolition company will be able to provide the experience and equipment needed to safely demolish the building.

2) You are beginning a new construction project

As any construction expert understands clearing a site is a critical first step in any new project. This will make sure that you have a clean site to work on and will limit the risk of safety hazards and environmental worries.

3) Asbestos is widely present on the site

Unfortunately, many commercial buildings contain asbestos which can be fatally dangerous. What’s great is that professional commercial demolition services are skilled with the right safety measures as well as tools to carry out the safe removal of asbestos from commercial buildings. In some cases where asbestos is extreme across a site, it is better to demolish the site rather than attempt to remove the asbestos.

Looking at commercial demolition, it’s extremely important to work with a reputable and experienced company that knows what they are doing.

With Industrial Demolition’s commercial demolition and site clearing services, we can ensure the removal of all structures, debris and other materials from a site in preparation for new construction or development. This may include the removal of buildings, roads, sidewalks, utility lines, trees and other obstacles.

The goal of site clearing is to make the land as level and clean as possible so that new construction can begin. Site clearing is a crucial step in the development process and enables the safe, efficient and legal construction of new buildings and infrastructure. Get in touch with us today.

Step by step process of a house demolition

If you have a house that needs to be demolished, you may find that you’re unsure what to expect or where to begin. Given that there are so many different demolition methods, it’s important to know how they work, when they’re used, and which one is right for a particular building.

If you’re feeling confused, we’re here to help. As a demolition company in Auckland, Industrial Demolition have extensive experience in house demolition, and we can take you through each step of the demolition process.

1) Initial Preparation

The first step to demolishing a house is to prepare the building and the site around it. This starts with inspections of the building and its structure. These inspections are known as surveys. The first survey will tell you what type of material the building is made from – which is important, as it can have an affect on the demolition. This survey will also take into account any potential issues, such as any hazards in or around the building. The second survey looks at the building’s structure, seeing what condition it is in and highlighting any issues.

2) Hazard Removal

Any hazards that were identified during the surveys are removed from the building. For example, any chemicals that could be dangerous if their containers are broken during the demolition, or asbestos in the walls and ceiling, which would pose a health risk to those in the surrounding area.

3) Demolition Planning

Once the building has been made safe, it’s time to start planning for the actual demolition. The first step is to consider where the building is located, as the demolition must be carried out with the safety of nearby buildings and people in mind. As such, all relevant safety measures must be put in place before demolition work begins.

4) Demolition

There are two main types of demolition: explosive and non-explosive. Within these two categories are multiple subtypes of demolition, such as soft strip (non-explosive), implosion (explosive) and deconstruction (non-explosive).

The type used for your house will depend on a number of factors, such as location, the size of the house, its structure, and the materials it is constructed from.

If you’re in search of a demolition company in Auckland, look no further than Industrial Demolition. From walls to houses and everything in between, we offer a range of demolition services, so if you have a house that needs to be demolished, contact us today.

4 Reasons To Hire A Commercial Demolition Expert

Commercial demolition is a complex and dangerous process that requires expertise, precision, and experience. Whether you are planning to renovate your commercial property or remove an outdated structure, you need to work with a professional demolition expert.

In this blog post, we will discuss four reasons why hiring a commercial demolition expert is a smart move for your project.

1. Safety Is A Top Priority

The safety of your employees, customers, and surrounding communities is of the utmost importance during a commercial demolition project. Demolition experts are trained and equipped to remove structures safely.

They have the experience to ensure everyone stays protected during the process while also completing it efficiently.

They are knowledgeable about local regulations and laws that govern demolition work, and they will ensure that your project complies with these regulations.

2. Efficiency

Hiring a commercial demolition expert can save you time and money in the long run. Demolition experts possess the knowledge and expertise to efficiently plan and execute your project, reducing downtime.

This maximises your return on investment. They also have access to specialised equipment and tools that can get the job done faster and more effectively than you could on your own.

3. Expertise

Commercial demolition experts have years of experience in the industry and have completed numerous demolition projects successfully. Demolition experts have the skills to identify potential challenges and create a plan to resolve them.

This ensures that the project is completed on time and within budget. They also have the expertise to assess the structural integrity of the building and determine the best demolition method for your specific needs.

4. Environmental Responsibility

Commercial demolition experts are committed to protecting the environment and minimising waste. They will work with you to develop an environmentally responsible demolition plan that meets your specific needs and the requirements of local regulations.

They will also properly dispose of all materials generated during the demolition process, ensuring that hazardous materials are handled safely and responsibly.

At Industrial Demolition, we use our experience to prioritise safety and the environment while completing the job as efficiently as possible. If you are looking for a commercial demolition expert for your next project, get in touch with our friendly staff here.