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Our specialist residential, industrial and commercial demolition team will impress you with their formidable work ethic and a strong commitment to each job, no matter the size. For exceptional customer care and professionals, you can depend on in Auckland and surrounds.

Our Mission:

To provide specialized demolition and recycling through total dedication to quality, no matter how big or small or complex a job is.  

Our Vision:

We always make it our priority to put the environment first every time. We operate a sale, salvage, and recycling yard and strive to achieve 100% recycling.

In a constant effort to minimize our impact and reflect our commitment to sustainable practices, we salvage and recycle native timbers wherever possible.

We sell recycled furniture

Looking to give your space a unique feel? We are available for total space development, right down to furniture and artwork to create or complete your space. We are comfortable working in commercial shops, bars, restaurants or office spaces. We are only limited by your imagination.

Industrial Demolition
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