To Expand Or Downsize Your Home: Which One Is Right For You?

For the world in general, the last few years have been tumultuous. They have also likely made many people reassess their life priorities.

Perhaps you have grown thoroughly accustomed to working from home, and would like to enlarge your property so that it can more easily accommodate this. On the other hand, financial pressures could have started making the prospect of downsizing more tempting.

Whichever of these two directions you go down, you should avoid doing so hastily lest you regret your decision.

Do You Anticipate Your Household Growing Soon?

If you are a parent whose grown-up children have flown the nest, your home might now be left with surplus rooms that once served as your kids’ bedrooms. In this situation, downsizing can make a lot of sense.

Conversely, if you don’t have kids but are eager to start a family in the fores

eeable future, you might currently be living somewhere with just one or two bedrooms — in which case, it can be a good idea to extend the property.

Does Your Home Have A Lot Of Largely Unused Rooms?

This can bode ill, as you could still feel inclined to regularly clean and tidy those rooms — for example, on the off chance that visitors to home will be interested in seeing them.

Keeping on top of the housework required can be a demanding, time-consuming endeavour. Imagine, then, how liberated you could feel as a result of relocating to a smaller home that won’t require quite as much upkeep.

Do You Want To Continue Working From Home?

It’s a point we have already touched upon, but if you have working from home for some time now, you might be keen on continuing with the WFH life. Still, this begs the question: do you have quite the right space for it?

If you have long settled for an awkward ‘make-do’ arrangement, like working at the kitchen table, one good idea could be to build a home office. It could come with a door you would be able to shut to prevent productivity-threatening distractions from elsewhere in the building.

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