Demolishing Your Home: Factors Influencing the Cost

Making a fresh start is often difficult in any walk of life, but especially when it comes to thinking about demolishing your own house. Perhaps it could benefit from a restart, a new look, a complete rebuild. But is it more costly to renovate a house that seems beyond hope, or to rip it up and start all over again?

Well ultimately it depends on what kind of rebuild you’re going for, whether it’s commercial demolition or residential demolition, and a whole raft of other factors you may not have even considered. If demolition is the answer, however, then Industrial Demolition is the best demolition company in Auckland, ready to assist from planning to the demolition process itself.

What will impact the cost?

As mentioned, there are all kinds of factors that influence the cost, starting with the size of the property. It seems obvious to say, but the larger the building, the more costly the demolition will be, so factor this into your accounting. If the building needs some repairs before demolition, this will also be factored into the costs.

Then it comes down to the type of demolition – is it a partial demolition, or is the building being completely demolished? Again, whichever option you choose will factor into how much the demolition sets you back. These are all things to carefully consider before going forward with a demolition.

It can cost anywhere between $12,000 to $40,000 to demolish your home, and other factors also come into consideration, such as potential asbestos or mould. If there are any signs of these hazards, they’ll need to be dealt with before demolition can begin.

Thankfully, we can deal with that if needed, from asbestos removal to site clearing services. Industrial Demolition has years of experience in demolition, and is trusted by countless customers in Auckland. If you want to get the ball rolling on your own demolition, then check out our website for further information on how you can do just that. Give your building the fresh start it deserves.