The Benefits of Demolishing and Rebuilding Your Home

If your home no longer meets your practical needs, there are some options open to you. Maybe you could move home or renovate your existing property?

There’s another route you may not have thought of, knocking the building down entirely and assembling a new one in the same spot. With our residential demolition services, we could handle the first half of that equation for you in Auckland — and pave the way for you to…

Stay in the Same Place

Based in Auckland ourselves, we can confirm that it has plenty to offer. If you are fond of the area as well, a knockdown rebuild will ensure you can stay close to friends and relatives who live nearby as well as local businesses and eateries you may have frequented for a long time.

Spend More Cost-Effectively

When renovating a home, you may be able to gut its outer shell, but you would still need to work within the limitations imposed by the remaining structure.

Also, renovation work can uncover unexpected problems — like leaky pipes or undetected asbestos — that would need rectifying at your own financial expense. As a result, a renovation can turn out pricier than a knockdown rebuild, despite the latter being perceived as a more ambitious endeavour.

Tailor the Home More Closely to Your Needs

Starting afresh allows you much more freedom to determine the shape of your home. For instance, you could choose a physically larger home (if your land allows) or a layout that is easier for you and other household members to navigate compared to the old one.

Live More Sustainably

Of course, environmental friendliness is a top priority for homebuilders today. You can take inspiration from the practices of these professionals.

The new home and its windows could be orientated in a way that maximises sunlight, reducing the need for electrical lighting and potentially saving you money. Additionally, you can equip the new home with solar panels to generate more of your own energy.

If you’re keen to upgrade your Auckland house, we encourage you to get in touch with us to explore how our residential demolition services can help kickstart your knockdown-rebuild project. Reach us by calling 021 817 644 or emailing