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How Is Asbestos Disposed Of In New Zealand?

For much of the 20th century, asbestos was extensively used as a building material. Prized for its relatively easy availability, affordability, physical strength, and fire resistance, asbestos was long incorporated into such products as asbestos-cement cladding and roofing, insulation board, and ceiling tiles. It is well-known today that asbestos is an extremely dangerous substance for […]

What Does Asbestos Look Like (& How to Identify It)

Asbestos is a dangerous material that was used regularly in buildings between the 1940s to the 1990s, although its popularity had begun to wane by the mid-1980s due to health concerns. It is the leading killer in the workplace, causing approximately 170 deaths annually from asbestos-related illnesses such as asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. If […]

The Benefits of Demolishing and Rebuilding Your Home

If your home no longer meets your practical needs, there are some options open to you. Maybe you could move home or renovate your existing property? There’s another route you may not have thought of, knocking the building down entirely and assembling a new one in the same spot. With our residential demolition services, we […]

How to Prepare Your Home for Demolition

If your home requires demolition, regardless of whether that is full or partial demolition, you can count on Industrial Demolition and our services for house demolition in Auckland. In particular, we can ensure that the demolition process is safe and hassle-free – all you need to do is make sure that your home is prepared […]

What Happens During the Demolition Process?

Are you a developer looking to build a new property, but need an old building or structure to be knocked down first? Or perhaps you are simply looking to tear down an abandoned and deteriorating home that is irreparable? Regardless of your reason for demolishing a building, you will need expert building demolition contractors to […]

5 Reasons Why A Building Might Need to Be Demolished

As one of the leading demolition companies in Auckland, you can rely on Industrial Demolition for all of your demolition needs. Demolition can be arranged for a number of different reasons, but what exactly are the common reasons why a building might be demolished? Don’t worry, in this blog, we will explore these very reasons […]

Top Reasons to Consider Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition involves tearing down commercial properties, such as offices, hotels, shopping centres, factories, or retail outlets, and removing the unwanted structures. This blog explores some reasons you may want to consider seeking commercial demolition services. 1) The building is a hazard If your building appears to be in bad condition and is no longer […]


Asbestos is a building material that used to be used regularly in construction throughout the world. It was popular due to its fire-resistant properties, its insulation qualities, and its ability to protect against corrosion. This naturally made it a go-to material on building sites for many years. However, asbestos was banned in New Zealand in the […]

Step by step process of a house demolition

If you have a house that needs to be demolished, you may find that you’re unsure what to expect or where to begin. Given that there are so many different demolition methods, it’s important to know how they work, when they’re used, and which one is right for a particular building. If you’re feeling confused, […]